Is loser bonus variable during a war?

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We are not talking about individual player bonuses plus champions. We know that champions get higher skull percentages and that it depends on the number of declared champions. 

We talk about this bonus 

it’s the bonus a team gets after losing a war. 

We start a war season and no team lost a war. So every team starts with a predefined bonus. For current war season this is 10%.

Then the first declared war ends, one team loses, say this is team A. Team A has now a loser bonus. When before any war ends a new war is declared by or against team A, the loser bonus is added to original bonus and that’s the bonus we see for the next war for team A. 

It’s actually very simple, when a war ends, new loser bonus statistics are calculated for each team and those current stats are used for the total bonus a team gets during the newly started war. The total bonus is a constant for ongoing wars, it should never change during an ongoing war. 

But what we see now is this

image.png  image.png

What we see now, is that on the header of each war, the total loser bonus per team actually changes during a war in progress. It seems that wars that ended do influence already started wars, at least this impression we get from the changing numbers.

This should never be the case. A bonus (original skull bonus of 10% this war plus 4.8% or 5.8% in those screen shots) should stay constant for ongoing wars. 

That’s the question topic starter asks. Is it a display bug or did something change, so that even during war seasons, later ended wars influence the bonus?


I’m pretty sure it didn’t change before, that’s why it was always a part of strategy to declare the attack before others gain LB, or wait with declaring to get additional LB.  I didn’t pay attention to it this war, now I’m curious as well if that’s happening to everyone all the time, hmm.

Lol, I cannot believe that this is the answer that they came up with. Either it was like a game of telephone, where it was misinterpreted as the player bonus when Gala told them about it, or Gala thought we were talking about something completely different and…well…went off topic, sorry Gala

Hello guys,

It was definitely a misunderstanding here and I’m sorry about that.

This is in fact a display bug and we are aware of it. The teams are working on it and it should be fixed in the future.

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thanks, that is good feedback. 


How about adding a list of known bugs to the Forum?

This would save a lot of time for answering the same questions over and over and would also add some much needed transparency.

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