Is noone else bored of the same winning war boosts every two wars?


Garg nest


Doom gate

Frenzy frost blaster

I’m bored of these boosts aren’t you? I want to win Uberblaster, Trible Archer (or whatever else they are called), insta-gargs, putrid powder, stargazer tower, the blockade boost, sniper hideout etc. Same boosts everytime isn’t exactly making the game fun in my opinion

I want instagoyles damnit!!


Yeah, maybe more variety on boost prizes might be good.

I like this option, promote some season boosts to war boosts won after the season.

Here’s a way to make war boosts a little more interesting and fun for ya…


Earn more fiefdoms!


As your Alliance grows, so does the power and health of the war boosts  :grinning:

for example…

In your current Alliance (sitting around 20 fiefs) The doom gate is only at base power. for every 10 fiefs you collect, it will level up (to LV 8 max)


thats 7 new war boosts for you to play with right there. and they all do the same respectively. (see Opelle’s wiki for actual)


…now getting your GM teammates to cancel the non stop party and play the game as intended will be less easy lolz

Yeah well I dont want those seasonal war boost to be a prize really, most of them are OP! Accursed tower OP, instagoyle OP, putrid OP and many more.

If we have to face accursed tower or stargazer for 2 weeks then fck it I’m quitting.

Yeah accursed and stargazer has been nightmare :slightly_frowning_face:


Thank god turbo paladins basicly counters accursed

Yeah with the ammount of boosts that we have had until now they should really be able to spice up the rewards or at least mix them up together.

Well, there is always the other way around. If you are sick of the warboosts and want some variety, you can always pass on the season and have none… :slight_smile:

The best and fare it will be that the winners should be the one having to choose what boosted units they should get. Flare should come up with some various boosted units. This way every alliance will have probably different boosted special units.

Good idea. Like it.