Is offense overpowered? ... and everything else under the sun

I know flare does a horrible job in balancing, so let’s gather some data for them. They rarely reply, but we know they read all of our threads.


Personally, I think offense has been a little overpowered lately, especially during war. One easy way I can think of to buff defense is to get rid of the silly gate tower strategy so everyone can put their best defense for war instead of stacking towers at the gate.


If I want to complete a base with 3 crowns during war and my opponent has gate towers, I must use a different combo to clear them, thus weakening my offense in war.

But I agree on the offense being a bit more overpowered lately.

Nerf bladestorm imo…since its buff, I almost never see people run with firestorm anymore…best thing is you can run bladestorm without a single perk and still it will do the job ? duration nerf and damage on troops nerf needed…it also made barricade/blockade completely useless in the game!

Yep I feel like Def has gotten a silent nerf this last month. It’ really easy to raid everyone including top bases.

I feel like it was more than just the fb towers that got weakened.

With Flare it is always wait a few weeks and everything will get flipped. Don’t know why they have to have such wild swings. Very annoying.

Yep huge boosts or nerfs instead of gradually changing things and actually get a shot at something balanced 

Don’t call it out too loud, before we know it, next balance action is again another level to defensive structures. We have seen it in the past.

Maybe at top with boosted monks where players can use three offensive spells it’s the case. For alliances under level 56 offense definitely is not overpowered when we face players with stronger boosts or boosts we don’t have.


It’s a discussion on all levels, but when comparison is made, it should be level to level, i.e. if a player from a level 60 alliance is thrashing anyone and everyone from another level 60 alliance, regardless of the difference in king’s level, then offense is overpowered. On the other hand, it would not be accurate to compare a level 60 alliance to a level 80 alliance.


Secondly, I think most top players have dropped using monks as part of their combos, simply because they chase frost traps like cats chase lasers.


It’s not overpowered IMO.

from level 31 alliance player

What pal are you using? 

Ceres, I believe

I agree.

Offense is not OP, it’s just that Ceres’s combos are kinda tilting the balance.

@LacunaC (and others) care to share what combo’s you are using that are overpowered?

I am decently forged, but I would not say top bases are easy for me, certainly not in war gear.
hopefully when you say offensive is overpowered, you are not saying it is easy when using scrolls.

I use Ceres. I don’t have Aska but I believe it works the same. (In fact I heard Aska works better).


I use Paladin Ogre Wolf, though I think it works on WOK as well, as many raiders are still using it against my base. (Paladin just about 40 over forges, while ogre and wolf about 60 only)


I use shield blizzard and bladestorm. (My bladestorm has 45 forges only while my shield… only has 10 forges!)


And no, I don’t mean raiding is easy with scrolls. I meant I can take out any top bases with XP or luck gear without scrolls and without insta units, unless I do silly mistakes during the raid. The harder bases give lesser margin of error, but basically there isn’t a base that cannot be taken out.


I believe the amount of forges I mentioned is easy enough to prove my point that offense is overpowered.





Here, a video to show I wasn’t lying. Showed all my stats. (My shield was in fact just 9 forges). Raided a top base with my war gear without scrolls and without using insta.


Offense is definitely overpowered.

Thanks for info, firstly i don’t use dragons much, and no paladin boost to test, though i have heard the combo you use in video is good.
i believe ceres is much better for dragons, since aska will spawn ogre / wolf every time so you dont get as many paladins.
I will give that combo a shot next time we have the pro pally boost, if i can upgrade my paladin’s to max in time, and if I can convince the boss to activate holy paladin to test.

couple of other things, what combo do you use for war and can you beat top base with it?
obviously the one you have doesn’t work well with gate towers and not really usable for war.

the few really strong combo’s i have had mentioned to me all use the heal ring, many people do not have the ring, nor forged it up over 100%.
Which begs the question, is it just the ring that is too strong with certain setups.

there’s other combo’s I have been told with WO+archer / pyro but all have the heal ring in common, not usable in war against gate tower, as well as boosts that most players dont have access too.


I do use the same combo for war. I try to aim for players without gate towers first, then top players in the alliance. I cast insta only to cover times where I make mistakes (like when I miss too many skull bombs when I try to kick back, so I just hit insta monk to heal my units instead). Scroll is only as a last resort for really silly mistakes. By silly mistakes I meant really silly ones, such as trying to pull Howl Beast into your units but missing it, hence your king just goes into the swarm of enemy units and back for nothing.






@Fourofjacks I use heal ring raiding with paladin but not when I use archer monk wolf, which is my fav combo…so yeah dont think heal ring is the big issue here…and this combo requires aska, so that also should stop the speculation of Ceres being OP…

Some people raid with Kaiser as well…these 3 are the best pal in game right now…

Offense being OP have many factor, including defense being very very similar…offense have receive so much buff ober the year that you can use many diff spells and unit to adapt against some bases while defense still stuck with the same design, it is in many way very limited and predictable

ok, so your combo is not really usable for war.

with triple archer, I was able to hit up quite high think highest was 5.4k (did not try top bases) with my strong gear + two piece medal gear. Does it still work with only pro-archer and normal archer boost? For this combo I don’t think it would have worked without my bomb kick keeping my archers alive, not sure if that is what you use. Issue I had with this combo was again that this combo didn’t seem usable for war, it was a bit slow moving forward didn’t have time to scream away to kill gate towers and with mass archers they kill the gate too quickly.

I’m sure with more practice i would have gotten better with this combo, but i stopped since i couldn’t see it being a viable war combo. Also requires archer boosts to be kept active which I don’t have. Also i found this combo you had to ‘learn’ to use and easy to make mistakes. The wolves go running off, the archers are stuck trying to clear the opposite path, monks hitting spikes :rolleyes: I also had some success just using archer monk cannon.

edit: just wanted to mention, i think ceres is not overpowered, it is much the same as aska, slight differences make each slightly better for different combo.

edit2: also that I find with the different combo’s now, there are defence designs that make you change your spell setup to make it easy to attack, which to me is a step in the right direction for balance. Even though many are using BS, you can find bases which are full of spikes / jesters / FBT that BS is not that useful.

edit3: just FYI I am currently mainly using kaiser as my favourite pal, not exactly good for war either, hence why i am interested in finding something better.


Imagine 3 scenarios where you are raiding a top base in one of the 4 top alliances with war gear:-


  1. Able to get 100% in war but only with scrolls


  1. Able to get 99% in war without scrolls


  1. Able to get 100% in war without scrolls


If only in scenario (3) you would consider offense not being overpowered, then well, I guess we have a very different interpretation of what is “overpowered” then. Regardless of our differing opinions, cheers =)