Is Olympus Rising becoming a lag game like rr2?

I’ve been playing rr2 for over two years, of which 8 months don’t fight, only when I have to, because I have nothing but lag in the game, I can’t play, then I started playing OR and I see that the same thing is happening. 139 lvl 5 units made for max and I’m doing Odyssey for 4 skulls using in one battle 4 or 5 invocations and it still does not help. Hades and Zeus are weaker than my strongest Heroes, so I ask what’s going on, because for me they are lag or someone emphasized opponents and it’s very balance. Not to mention the islands, it will come to the fact that I will close 2 accounts with the same nickname in rr2 and in OR. The game is to please and act properly and not to cause frustration, the stronger I am, the weaker and it should not be. I’m improving all the time, I already have enough power to go up and not down, I don’t even think about cups, to raise them, because I just can’t.

Well here is my perpective on a few things you mentioned.

  1. Odysseys are tough. Now 4 skulls should be fairly easy. Which makes me think, you are either not using your best heroes, and you are referring to some weak ones. Or you need to forge and refine your heroes much better.
  2. We are discussing a similar issue a few days ago. The fight is usually ment for a solo struggle against the GK. The units struggle against the waves, mostly because of blessings. Its rare that your units can make kt out, if your hero isnt helping. And in point 1, uf your heroes arent strong, then units wont matter so much
  3. Zeus and Hades need to be level depended, or they are meant to help lower levels. I can understand both arguments, I’ve stopped using them since levels 126-128 or so.
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I played RR2 before I started OR nearly 2 years ago - I went back to RR2 for a few weeks back at the start if the year, and although I had many max units and main powers and a 100+ king I couldn’t defeat many easy bases, due to a combination of celestial phoebe being way to OP at lower and mid base levels, but the main one that I noticed was the forge values for all the troops/powers much the same as oddesy here. Even with max units/powers there is a limit to what can be done here and definitely in RR2 if you have low oddessy fame points. It’s not anywhere near as pronounced as in RR2, but that’s been running for longer so most players have 70+ forges on every useful item whether power or troop where I had maybe 30. Suffice to say I quit RR2 permanently as was not possible to compete or close the gap ever.

For OR to avoid this, I suggest that new players now are granted a 10k fame points randomly distributed to all things. Otherwise they won’t be able to compete very well in with max units etc. Cant expect a new player to stay when they see players with 40k fame points and 60% nyx buffs etc.


New players really should never encounter end game players like this. If they do, they’re not new anymore.

To prevent fighting end game players before you’re ready, I would suggest that all players level slowly and deliberately.

The latest update also flipflopped the speed of offense upgrades vs. defense/upper Olympus upgrades, which should definitely help out newer players who choose a slow and steady upgrade path (Which is the correct upgrade path! Ta da!).


I have 4 heroes for 20 lvl other a little lower, 4 heroes have titan items for 5 * + unique items, I used 4 heroes for 20 lvl other items a little lower, 4 heroes have titan items for 5 * + unique items, 4 or 5 invocations and I was still in the Odyssey for 4 skulls, I was left in the Odyssey, the towers of Hydra and the rest are emphasized too much, autoplay slowed down for a normal army practically stands still , don’t fight :slight_smile: 4 or 5 invocations, I was left in the Odyssey for 4 skulls or so under the gate, the Hydra towers and the rest are too emphasized, autoplay slowed down on a normal army practically stands in place Next Odyssey I make for 3 skulls because I makes sense with 2 accounts much weaker I do Odyssey on 7 skulls, do not fight :slight_smile:

I have everything at maximum in rr2 and 200x or almost that much my units are lined with pearls, 100x lock towers 154x and it does nothing, I can’t even pass myself, pet 10 lvl and the same beast in defense 10 lvl Here in or since last update happened so that everything I have is much weaker and slower, the hydra tower will shoot 1 x and the hero will die, spend 1k diamonds to cross the archipelago of islands, I have 5 units for the maximum, spells on the penultimate level, I have fire resistance, lightning, poison and I’m falling like a fly :slight_smile:

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I started Odyssey with 7 skulls, now I do 4 and they are too hard, then I will do 3 skulls :slight_smile:

Still a player joining now or recently will not really be able to compete really because the fame points are beyond reach, and bonuses that go with that. They’ll never close the gap, it will just get wider…and they’ll quit playing.

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Most heroes are not supposed to be used on autoplay, that’s why you’re losing. Maybe actually play the game and you’ll do easy Odysseys. I’m doing 7 or 8 with every hero without any issues

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That’s certainly one opinion.

Can you show me the equipment you’re using on one of your heroes?

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yes, but you need a lot of gold for it and how are they to be obtained if the steroids are on the islands and you can’t fight :))

Yes, I’ll take pictures

my nickname on Line is also Sniper001 phone number [deleted] send me invitations and I will take a picture and you will see myself, I play a game on a computer with windows 10

Earlier with this account I did slightly Odyssey on 7 skulls but the stronger I am, the lower I have to go down in Odyssey with the level, the second account I play which is much weaker I make Odyssey calmly on 7 skulls. My first account is 20x stronger than the second :slight_smile: On one account I have a cyclops, minotaur, switch, griffin, phoenix on the max, the next two units will end, all the waves I have on the max, 7 barricades 28 lvl, tand I already have 30 lvl prestigehe rest also looks good :slight_smile:

Ok I’ll find you on line

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I m a “new” player (9 months), level 121 (5 workers) 8000 odysee point (mostly 7+3 odysee every time for last 6 months, can t do more because of gold cost to high at 8+3 but difficulty is fine so far).

I do encounter player with 30-36k odysee points from level close to mine, up to level 150. I don t stand a chance against level 150 with 36k odysee. I will be able to reach same level for units/spells, but never catch the odysee bonuses (powers/units/tower much more powerfull, and amazing 5 odysee bonus: having 2% CDR bonus is trash compared to a 6% CDR bonus for high level).
This is pretty unfair that this evolution is linear and not logarithmic cause difference between old and young players will keep increase : they can keep doing 10+3 while i do 7+3 until i m maxed out, because they are already maxed out, and increasing odysee bonus from 2 to 4% CDR is weaker then increase CDR from 6 to 8% because going with total hero CDR from 50 to 52% is less effective then going from 90% to 92% (extreme figures to illustrate the point).

I will not quit, but this is tilting me.


I wouldn’t consider you new exactly. How often do you get matched with level 150 players? There aren’t many players who are level 150 with over 36k fame. Like seriously not many at all. Who’s on your map right now who’s like that?

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I play for 8 months, I have already spent over a thousand euros on fighting in the game, I have accelerated improvements and on titanium chests for heroes for 750 diamonds, I have already bought more than 10 several promotions for 2 500 diamonds, because I was hoping that I would get unique gifts for all heroes and here only scrap fell, I will not buy it anymore :slight_smile: if there are titanium boxes for heroes they must be unique, just like in promotions for 2,500 diamonds otherwise it makes no sense, I now using in the fight invocation, even 5 does not give advice, gods like Zeus or Hades are weaker than my best heroes, they are no longer gods, they have a limited number of fights a day and they are terribly weak. As I wrote, I am stronger and weaker. I don’t know what’s going on, it’s some paranoia, I’ve also spent 200 million zlotys to improve the unique items. On the islands I have all over 140 lvl which gives 14 or 19 cups, in Odyssey it is the same.

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  1. Levelling up very quickly, like you did, does not necessarily make you strong. I always advise people to level slowly. It allows you time and resources to farm items and upgrade them.

  2. Uniques are not necessary and only a few of them are extraordinary. Normal well forged items are often stronger if you are building your heroes well. In particular, items like Jason’s Golden Fleece and Promethius’ Fire Starter are pretty much worse than almost any normal item you could use in their place. The best uniques are the two Leadership items.

  3. Zeus and Hades are only good for collecting resources. Put them on your best resource islands. They never get kicked off.

  4. Please show me a screenshot of your island map with every player over 140. If that’s really the case @CaptainMorgan should know. Matchmaking has been really screwed up since certain players asked for it to be easier for them.

  5. is you Line ID Sniper001 or Snajper001?