Is RR3 on its way?

IDK if Royal Revolt 3 has anything to do with Royal Revolt 2, so I decided to post here.


Who has seen this?


Yes it’s real and there will be a dragon on rr3  :grinning:


This is a Fan made shit… So this is FAKE !!!

Everything that come from “Royal Revolt 2 Official Soundtrack” Youtube Channel should be copyrighted from Flaregames since there are all kind music of the game so i think that it’s not a fake :grinning:

Good game

Hahaha… Yeah… And this background tune is like bed time phone Alarm. If this is on any phone FLARE will even face a lawsuit which can even cause mayhem… Idiotic tune… I will try download it and use for my ALARM … rotten tune

One thing though: If this is real, how many of the older songs (e.g. all the songs in RR1 were used in RR2 except for the main menu song) will be reused in RR3?

Even if it would be real, I guess at this point nobody including flaregames themselves can answer that already. 

If ever they do make a Royal Revolt 3 all i know is that i feel sorry for all the players who ever dropped their Cha-Ching  

I know nothing of this :slight_smile:


It’s a good joke I guess!


I’m very, very sure that there is no such thing in the works.

Thanks for clarifying, sir! :slight_smile:

Oh  :slightly_frowning_face:

It is part of Flaregames ?


LOL oPelle, your dragons were in RR2, not RR3! :stuck_out_tongue:

Better so  :wink: