Is "Super Ranger" (Archer) the strongest unit-boost in the game?


So a few months ago there was insta-gargoyle and at that time my thoughts where: “wow this is really the most op boost in the game :rr2villainscream:”.

But now I begin to doubt it , because the super ranger might be the most op! :rr2queen:
Here is a little vid to show how the range is insane.

Switch your Def to Traps only. Archer will ignore them.

True, but not many do defenses like these.^^

Just add some cannons, bye traps.

insta archers are way better. But both are useless if you dont have triple elite.

For insta archers, use Janus or Aska. I absolutely don’t need insta archers seasonal boost to get those archers nearby hero.

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The thing is that all the strategy of putting tower on the opposite path wanishes… even heal tower and usually untargettable firebolt towers can be destroyed which is insane imo.
Literally just make a pack of archers and protect them with shield and chloris ring and you can beat nearly all bases.
Sometimes you need some other support spells :rr2blacksmiththumbsup: .

And also they kill phebe with even less problems because of the range. Phebe isn’t even targeting them because they are too far away.

This long range archer boost is pretty strong.
I still think instagoyle is stronger on offense. However it is useless in defense, unlike the long range archer boost, which is very good.

Putrid Prowler (mortar boost) is very strong as well. It’s so strong it forces the redesign of layout defenses. That’s how strong it is.

If you use Janus or Aska you’re giving up Fritz/Nemesis. It’s not worth it for me.
Nemesis is absurdly strong now.


Then I must go to save crystals and participate pro leagues again I guess. I could also play conquest at top tier, but I am now relaxing.