Is tapjoy gone as well?

In the frenzy of removing every free source of gold, gems, boosts… is now tapjoy “broken” too?

Waiting for 2 rewards since 1 day, usually the deliver is very fast but not in this case, and since these are the first offers I complete since the 4.0 apocalypse I am just guessing…

Tapjoy sucks - the NEVER gave me a single reward, not even for watching a video. Flare tell us to open a ticket with them - but guess what, they never answer.

Save you time and leave this alone.

Hi NotYourBusiness , just write a ticket to the support of tapjoy ? They fix that pretty fast, I had 2 times myself. Good luck ?

In my experience they already ignored mail + screenshots in one occasion, what’s your experience?

Very good … 2 times my ? as a reward not received, ticket written including screenshot, 2x fast completion including payment ??

Sent screen replying at their automatic mail, they actually provided support! Great…thanks…