Is that a mage shooting lightning on the loading screen?

In the new loading screen there’s a blue mage that looks like pyro/ froster but he’s shooting lightning instead. New unit?



Could be a new boost? That would be awesome

It’s called Froster

Look at impact area. Its just ice

I really like the Blue and Dark Blue colors rather than the Blue and White, looks like it would be a cool new add to the game

Where you see new unit? O.O its just the Froster. Nothing new with this unit. Froster be in the game since 2014

My bad. I am just hoping very badly that there’s something new in the game apart from Conquest mode and the projectile looks a little like lightning so I got my hopes up…


p.s. Frosters shoot ice spheres as projectiles, so I was hoping Flare was accurate in that drawing, thus, if it was, that shouldn’t be a Froster.

Don’t give up hope too soon, of course, I’m fairly certain no more offensive troops will be added in, but FTB gave us an update that said that there will be another update revealing some new things in our defense. Perhaps a new tower, the base layout slots we’ve all been waiting for, but whatever it is, I’m excited for it. I just hope we’re not forced to spend gems to get whatever the new thing is