Is that fair to build towers around doom gate?

In my case, I do not attack if there are a lot of towers around the doom gate especially in a war season.

As you know, we only have 10 to 20 chances to fight and have to get the highest skulls by attacking the high level users.

However, if there are too many towers around the doom gate, well. It is really unfair.

Hero arrived at the gate with many units and much time but. . .

With many units, doom gate is easily cleared before destorying towers around.

So, How about NO MORE THAN 2 TOWERS ?

That can be make sense I guess.

5 or 6 towers around? Well. . .Really think it is fair?

If u let one or two towers on there, it doesnt affect too many skulls.

Well… i wouldn’t talk about “fairness” i would talk instead about a bit of “cunning” and you need also a piece of this in your path. If the game allows me to put 6 towers around why i can’t ? This is because i say cunning. Moreover the concept of castle gate is to protect all the kingdom so the game allows you to protect it with towers (towers that are placed by you and not by torrets themself) and this differs from other games that could have towers built in the castle itself.

Honestly, I believe it’s easier taking out a castle with a lot of towers at the gate. 


To put all your towers around the gate exposes them to the sonic blast because you can’t wall them off one by one so you can only take out one tower with one sonic blast.

Plus the imbalance in towers makes it easier to kill off all the units and then switch focus to killing off all the towers.


Also note if it really was beneficial high level players would do it, and they don’t!    Go to your leader board and check it out high level players rarely have even one tower by their gate.