Is that really good to rename the account so easily?

Day by day there is some play rename their IGN .

Maybe there is nothing suspicious and special.

But My concern is: unscrupulous players to evade detection and punishment by this method. Rename the account before the Malpractices still unknown. Than when the Hoax was exposed, they are already renamed their accounts. It will make more difficult to punish them

And there’s also someone get a IGN invisible! I can say it’s unfair but it’s really recognized and accepted by all the other players?


Basically I think it’s a good thing to have the option of contacting flaregames to change your IGN. So far, I didn’t really think of ploughers renaming their accounts to get past unknown, but if you have them on favorite list for example, after an IGN change they’re still there… but yeah, I get the point. Though, even though there are/were some problems with ploughing, generally forbidding a name change for everyone seems no good solution.


About the invisible IGN… as far as I know, that one wasn’t even intended that way (and rather was an accident/mistake?), but the person (after initial dislike and confusion) accepted having a blank IGN and likes it now as something cool and unique :wink:

I afraid the support don’t even keep the history of rename. After the rename they’ll forget what’s the IGN before! This is terrible when the account stolen happened , if after the stolen the thief have renamed the IGN it will be really difficult to refind it back! Than the support will say the IGN can’t be find! And it’s hap to me in fact before…

Rename is fun.

But I think at least the support should have a operation that when they search the old IGN , they can find the new IGN also ,maybe the rename history complete is necessary!

Yes, I agree with that one… a kind of name history might be worth having.

pls show me how to renamed in royal revolt 2 ??? pls , i need it !

Sent request to the support…