Is the forum/posts being read by the devs?

Dear Devs,

               This is a general view of all the players and forum writers that the post/suggestions/ideas etc. being given by the loyal players in the interest of the game is largely getting unnoticed/ignored. 

We generally see Aether, sometimes replying to some thread (so kind of her). You should have somebody dedicated and answering some of the logical questions raised by the players. Otherwise, there seems to be no use of such a thread.



Let’s not spam this post. Let’s make it a post where the Devs. reply specifically to your posts.


Let’s make this game better, the best that is there in this genre.

The goal of the company - to make moneyThe player’s goal - to make it more interesting and absolutely free.

that is completely opposite goalsHence, a logical conclusion - the developers and owners of the company read with interest and consider everything we write here.But the answer to all of them is strictly forbidden :slight_smile: Besides one representative, specifically for this purpose - Aether

We know the devs are busy in some other things, but we’d like to see them more here in the forums, they even promised to do it, they knew what that implied when they said that. Also, Aether forwards the info to them but we never see an answer, we’d like to have one even if it’s posted by Aether too, she might post something like “Devs answer to some of your questions” or “Devs’ info about that stuff”, if they don’t show in the forums but actually respond to us, then everything is ok.

why is it about free, maybe its just about better game experience, its alrdy free if u download andy, they get cash from there if u play windows, so um, why cant they just answer few questions and if they dont know just say so