Is there a bug in the calculation of war points?


I’m Tétanos, commander of the FrenchTouch team from Gods League.

I think I discovered a bug.

At the end of each war I usually report the points of my team members.

Until now, the total number of points I calculated on my side was always just right with the one calculated by the game.

Except during the last war I noticed a difference of 4,078 points against us.

I checked 5 times my screenshots and I can’t find any mistakes. The only thing that could have explained this difference was to have kicked 2 profiteers before the end of the war… But they scored 0 and 5,558 points which doesn’t correspond to the difference found.

Wouldn’t there be a problem in the last update regarding the VP calculation ?

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Grey zone (the 85% rule)?


It’s strange that the grey zone rule only applies once since I write down all the scores (24 Wars) and after an update that changes the calculation of the points.

But that said, it doesn’t change the final result. So we can give the benefit of the doubt and see what happens in the next war.


i also observed once an inconsistency with the total sum, but i thought that it was maybe due to a kick or of players leaving right after war or a mistake of me. (i usually just collect screens after war and make analysis after a saison)
since the difference was not that big (and maybe also the 85% rule, but we are not a lot of members) i neglected it.
thx for reporting

Was the difference on an island, or overall ?

Overall. I always take my screenshots only at the end of the war and in this case, for the 2 profiteers, I saved their score just before to kick them.

But maybe when a player who has scored a few points is kicked before the end, his score is greatly reduced (but not 0) :thinking:

It’s the only explanation I can see and it can make sense.

His score is set to 0 for any active islands, but anything he scored on already completed islands stays.

(otherwise a losing team could theoretically kick all their players and knock the winning teams out of contention for bonus torches, etc…)


Thanks Dumpster I think you found the source of my problem :+1:

Yes I remember that he scored a few points at the beginning of the war but most of them on the last active island.

Thanks to all !


Yes that’s what I was heading to… because an active island, especially the last one which kicks happen, can change the result.

Which is why the general rule is not to kick before war ends. I dont even kick inactives or zero VP. There is no point, he/she might join last hour, unload 20 fury and win me the island. You never know, and there is no downside in keeping him/her in.

But a piece of advise to @Joug. The game is actually too demanding, because of the specific hours it requires you to loggin for wars, which makes it difficult to find good alliance members. Its a struggle which NEVER ends, not even for top level teams.
My advise is to stick to a good core, and try to change 1-2 players like you just did, but not before you are sure you have a good replacement. Next week it might be someone else, or someone might leave and so on… and an alliance which is not near full, is also unfortunately a “bad destination” to the eyes of most players.

Be careful with your choices!


Yes we try to build a team with active players by making some adjustments between each war while trying to keep a cohesion.

But I have a feeling that there is a growing lack of interest in the game. I notice that it is becoming more and more difficult to recruit and unfortunately we often find players who are not very concerned.

Well, I’ve been here 3 years, I can tell you, it’s always been that way for the recruiting part. The game doesn’t really reward loyalty, it has very good advantages to being higher in the league, and so naturally people just swap. I have only been part of 2 alliances in total in 3 years, but I am one of the few. I am guessing only a few founders/generals are with one team since the beginning, and even some of them give up.

People quit the game, as they quit other games, however here, there is a chain of reaction. If a top player leaves, immediately there is an opening in that alliance. They have zero problems to recruit someone, or steal someone from an other top alliance. The 2nd alliance has to find a new one, and it goes down to the bottom. Which means middle and weaker alliances, struggle with this constantly.

There is no way to stop people from quitting… it is a bit demanding from a time aspect, but most games are. And if they aren’t in that sense (war/odyssey/raids), it takes a very long time to get better, otherwise you quit the game. This game has quite a good balance, and the off-weekends are great… but it still requires you to log in almost daily for a few hours, if you want to compete at the top level.

The lower you are in a league, or in leagues… the more patient and understanding you have to be with your players. Good communications is the secret. If a player wont be around for war, and he says so… it was fine for me. A one war emergency every couple of months, is also ok… but if a player is constantly not active, or in higher leagues, has half the max VP… its not good.