Is there a higher level / better version of this ring?

Wonder if i should forge this ring, or are there higher level versions with higher stats?



Proof of better ones would be nice. :slight_smile:


*For those confused by the Dutch text, it’s double attack, crush and ice.

Yes, I got one that was level 130 and had 508 blunt and 508 ice damage.

Could you make a screenshot of it? :slight_smile:

Yes there are definitely better stats of it and these stats depend on your current king’s level. The higher you are the better will be the stats (item level and also the bonuses of the item)

Max items lvl is 130 as your king’s level and and max stats don’t stop as soon as the item reach lvl 130 but they go further higher everytime you level up. So to get the max of the max you should be king’s level 130 ^^


Good to know, won’t waste pearls on it then.

Thanks. :wink:

Wow, oPelle, that’s a real Killer…

Ahah yeah but depend if you find it useful, actually for me attack is in the storage room, the real things that make your raid effective are leadership and scream perks.

True for me it’s the same. It’s lying in storage. Sometimes, I think it’s wasting my inventory store, but hey it’s not every day that you get items like that can seriously boost your attack. 

I just removed a higher xp perk with lower xp perk but got much higher leadership, which will help me to win raids.