Is there a maximum number of...

Workers? Hero gear slots? King level?

For king level , max is 120 currently.I don’t think theres a limit for the other two but maybe someone else knows more about it and they can give you definite answer.


I will close this topic once all questions are answered unless it turns into a more meaningful and long discussion  :slight_smile:

Hsmk is level 120

There’s a limit for Hero slot gear…



Well, that certainly feels like you only wanted to promote the wiki instead of answering a question…


That’s a very long page and I actually tried to find a slot-maximum mentioned there, but couldn’t.

The only thing coming close to the slot max is the table of slot cost, which ends at 39. But that can’t be the real max as I already have 41 slots…

The most number of slots I’ve seen is 70. Here’s the picture


AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! 70!!! He got 70 slots!!! incredible…



Anyways, I guess if there’s a limit for inventory slots, it’s definitely higher than what you’ll ever need! :wink:

Don’t forget to keep every kind of bonus stat around (e.g. for boots gold, leadership, scream, speed, fire shield, poison shield, ice shield, normal shield…) in your inventory! :grinning:

Hmm… again, I get the message I don’t have the permission to view that…



Is this better? (change of file type; a .bmp has no thumbnails)

Nope, exactly the same. I’ll just try out something and edit your post… 


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That’s too bad… can you view other people’s pics? or is it just mine?

You’re right! I knew I was missing one somewhere… although I’m surprised I missed _that _one  :huh:



The updated helmet pic:

I do see some pics, though most of the pics I don’t see… for whatever reason :slightly_frowning_face:

Nope I couldn’t… though I think this is getting a bit offtopic… anyone knowing about a maximum for the number of workers?