Is there a simple way to report inappropriate names

Ive run accross some aweful names, but this one isnt even cleverly mispelled. Is there a way to click "Report player X " that im missing? Or can this be added? 


The only way to report players so far is by sending a report ticket to the customer support here.

Ok thank you, ill do that, but I would also like to suggest this as a future feature.

Even that link takes many steps to choose the catagory, and its not very intuative. I ended up at the wrong game…reclicked the link a few times. Ive still not found a way to post the screen shot. It showed when I clicked copy/paste here, but I dont see it “live.” The attachment option says my image is over the size limit.

The report abuse choice (following your link,) shows no place to paste one. 

You must use website to reduce size of the picture like this one :

the screenshot are in png format and are like 2.77 MB but if you change them in JPG become like 500kb or 600 kb that allow you to attach unlimited picture in a post