Is there a way to level-boost the king?

I’ve heard of a lot of alliances gold-boosting, where one rich member leaves the alliance and the rest attack them for gold. But I’m wondering, is there a way to level-boost? Is there some specific base design that maximizes EXP gained while minimizing difficulty?

Alternative question: How is EXP calculated? =P

I think a flothaboss video can explains for you now work expROYAL REVOLT 2 - HOW TO BOOST YOUR KING XP (level…:

So it’s based on towers and waves, not on barricades? o.O

Does anybody know?

no one knows for sure or has cared to chart the exp each unit gives independantly, it would require you to test a open base(no tower no wave) then test with 1 unit of each type, then further test with mutipule of each unit to make sure there isnt a hidded exp for chaining units in a wave


then test the buildings and chart them all at differing levels


oh and dont forget to test the doomgate seperate from the normal gate, in the end it will take hundreds of raids testing the exp gained from each time to fully understand how it works


It would require Flothaboss to make a new account and experiment for 1 year until he completes all the testing  :wink:

Or else, it will take Jona about 1 minute to ask the DEVs and let us know :grinning: