is there and tips or tutorials for the new dungeon??

Hi my hero is lv58 throne being upgraded to lv8. I’m stuck at the stage called “Shapeshifter Hollow ii” i just spent about 1~2k gems using scrolls to beat it…

Do you guys know what’s the minimum stats and unit/spell combination i should bring in to beat that stage and so on?

i tried fo find some resources on youtube about updated dungeon tips, but there were only predated version of dungeons gameplays.

please let me know if there are video tutorials or if anyone could guide me through out !

the scroll spell Armageddon is very powerful and useful when beating dungeons stronger than your king. it requires a lot of pearls though

I would wait for max spells (sonic blast , bladestorm and heal) and high level troop (froster , arblaster and cannon) first before doing dungeon and also hero level around 70 above.


If you plan to scroll your way , use time wrap and arma everytime they are active but I would happily wait.My level 55 king is at mummy level 2 only right now.Can’t go further anymore.

i haven’t yet achieved armageddon spell although i’m currently upgrading my wizard tower. hopefully that spell carry me out thru the dungeons! i just wish one thing there were no spell cooltimes ONLY in dungeon mode…

you know how Koreans are like hurry, fast, rush and stuffs. I think i have that Korean disease too. I just can’t wait so long even if i have to spend a lot of gems… (but the fact i ain’t rich… so i should prolly just wait… haha …ha…) 

man that seems kinda racist :huh:

My Tips:

a ) Level up your king for 2 reasons:

           1) You become more stronger with more health, damage, leadership;

           2) You unlock more stronger scrolls;

b ) Level up your attacking troops, spell that you want to use to attack: I personally use froster and arblaster as first

c ) Wait a good amount of gems and pearls to go into dungeon because now it isn’t possible to go throught it withous using them.

no ~ i’m Korean too! also i’m not a racist. grab any Korean and ask it out, they’ll agree on that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips. While upgrading my buildings and etc. i should lv. up my king by attacking many opponents. should i just rush to upgrade  throne to max lv.? idk if you could give me some advices on which building should be prior to be upgraded.

I would prioritize silo and farms first and foremost. the more u can battle, the more gold u can earn

thanks ! you’re awesome :slight_smile:


wrong translation :slight_smile:

@ mss73 actually its not. it allows you to do more battles. with max silo and farms you can store 1600 food

Exactly, for me instead i did the opposite xD first i upgrade all building than farm (that are still not at max level, only level 12), and as matter of fact i’m stll at the same position with trophies for so many days  :wink:

My biggest tip right now is wait for a re balance to happen as it is very likely to happen and will make them a lot easier. Level up while you are waiting raiding other players.

recently cleared dungeon to the end by using gems and pearls though (lv66 king with lv8heal, lv6 bladestorm, lv4 sonic blast, armageddon and time warp)

generated lots of lv5 frosters and lv3 arblasters just to slow the monsters

I simply stopped playing the dungeon, it became way too hard. Elite boosted monsters smack me every time in the first corner, which is pretty demotivating, despite that I have max level spells. I tried scrolling a couple of times but it is just waste of gems. So my tip is to stop playing the dungeon.

I know you didn’t want to her this, but this is how I see it now.

Dungeon is so costly. That’s a money maker right there for them I bet. lol

I think they are working on the re-balance as we speak, at least I can hope.