is there any dungeon item you still use?

Hi folks,

Since we got a chance to rush the dungeon, i wanna know if it worth rushing it even if i am level 103 or should i wait to level up before getting some last level item? i am now at shapeshifter hollow 5

P.S. sorry for my english

If you can power through the dungeons, do it. You’ll have better monsters and you’ll just be done with dungeons (no more waiting 2 weeks to dig to another dungeon).

Yes your level is a bit low, but it’s not worth it to stay behind on purpose.

do it!

my wife hero lvl104 and all dungeon done.


Thanks for the answer… even for the pal wings? im now at this level so left me just the pal wing, one gold, one diamond and the last wolf. is it worth to rush the last wolf or wait for more for the pal wings?


The pal wings are not that special. It’s just a cape speed with the pal damage perk. How useful is that? Is it more useful than skull%, or start morale or a spell perk?

Imo it’s not, so I wouldn’t wait for that, but it’s up to you.

Anyway, each lvl up it’s +1 forge on each perk. So you can forge them to +20 (10 on speed and 10 on the pal damage perk) to simulate that cape’s power if you got them at king lvl 113.

Really!!! didnt knew that thanks for info ill rush the dungeon then

Best regards @ARREBIMBA

All items melted right away.

Which is a shame because they are more difficult to get than even most of the Pro League items, at least the ones that have been in the Pro League shop.