Is there any point upgrading taverns?

I know now that people can just take the gold from your taverns but how long until they can get from them? Everyone sleeps so that’s hours worth everyday. I was off for around 9 hours, I came on to attacks (I have an open base) and I opened my taverns to see 19k in each even though they make 4.5k an hour. Its happened on short notice as well. So question is, is there much point in upgrading them if they can get ransacked anyway?

Theoretically is self-harm upgrade taverns because in this way you feed more the others, since more gold there is on taverns, more gold should be taken right?  :wink:

But in return you have also “some gold” to collect, yes some gold because you can burn 1 hour of gold production from tavern in few click searching people through the matchmaking xD


So you could say: “luckily with taverns level 17, i don’t have so much gold to give away” (just check the income per hour is only 8.5K at max)

And on the other side you could say: “i have a tavern lvl 17 that give me only 8.5K bleah, i want more gold from it”

If you regularly pay for gold shields etc I would upgrade them. Even though supposedly your gold can be taken from them even with gold shield my experience is that you are dropped out of matchmaker and get few attacks (usually only retribution).

I only use the free 3 hour shield. So in your experience, shield may stop you being on matchmaker?

Yes I believe so. Not even token attacks during my 3 day shield with taverns full of coin.

You guys forget that having high lvl Taverns can help with expensive upgrades :grinning:

For me it’s easily 50k+ per Tavern when collected (Total 200k+ basically it’s 1 attack worth of gold!)

That helps quite abit when I’m upgrading expensive stuff that costs over 5M :slight_smile:

they are important…

Gold is gold

no matter how much :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, one way to keep safely the maximum gold volume in the taverns is by going inactive. Then nobody can raid you and the gold accumulates. :slight_smile:

Anybody here wants to try?

I like my taverns, because they produce enough gold (even if some amount ist lost to attackers) for donating to the alliance.

And of course you have a good start into expensive upgrades. According to the wiki, the optimum should be level 13. After

that you get diminishing returns for your investments. I reached this level recently and will stop upgrading until i have gold

and nothing to upgrade.

Taverns are useful for many things when you use the 1 days,3 days gold shield or a 7 days Gold Shield for extra Gold. If you max the taverns you can get I don’t know maybe 500k, 1 Millions or more for free. If you boost your 4 taverns during a gold shield you can get a huge number of extra gold for free

Taverns are useful for obtain gold for free for the daily donation,for your melting items at the Blacksmith,etc…

The price its so cheap to upgrade them. The trick its more fast you finish to max out all building, Taverns,Farms,Workshop,Wizard Tower,etc… after you can concentrate on your Defense because nothing more to do in building


I’d say to focus on defense first rather than focusing on taverns or farms. Having those 2 type on max is not a great investment if you look at the time needed versus the gain. I only upgrade farms during castle events. Outside of this event, it a huge waste of worker time. As for tavern, the higher they are, the greater are the chance you get attacked.

Ok in this case we can said If you want to be more attacked during the night when you sleep upgrade your tavern at max lol

Since the 2.0 update and Level 18 Tavern as the new maximum level a non boosted maxed out Tavern now earns you 10K per hour and with 4 maxed Taverns = 40K per hour.

However when you activate the production boost (Which lasts for 10 hours) for each Tavern and boost all 4 Taverns at a rate of 5 times of their normal production rate you now earn 200K per hour from each Tavern.

Now if you multiply 200K per hour by 4 Taverns you now have an income of 800K per hour and since your boosted Taverns lasts 10 hours you can now earn a total of 800K per hour multiplied by 10 hours which gives you 8 million gold from your boosted Taverns.

Very cool. But would need a gold shield for  a day or we would just loose it.

For me taverns are very useful especially when i get up in the mrng and collect 200-300k extra gold from taverns yes it do helps in upgrade. Although the contribution is minimal but it does helps even in a small amount.

That’s the problem here.

As long as the gold is in the taverns, it’s not protected. You can only assure it’s protection when you collect it constantly to be placed in your gold chamber. Gold chamber can be shielded.

Think Taverns are only worth upgrading during castle events, if all your other castle buildings are already maxed.

now I have max taverns, they boosted all the time, and I’m happy :slight_smile:

at top, if someone want my gold (yes, they attack even for 50-100-150k!) - I have a good chance to get gems

but I very often online, and collect most gold from taverns (->items->pearls)


P.S. smith max/max

hahaha 2M/10h max

why *4*4

Hard to tell to be honest. Once you start playing the game as a beginner you keep upgrading them till certain point, as at certain point you cannot upgrade anything else, so instead of doing nothing, you upgrade taverns. But after certain point you have so much upgrades to make it would be a waste to put your workers for days upgrading taverns, instead of upgrading defense for example. I remember the times before all the new levels of everything, I got to the point I had everything at max level - so either I could build new defense towers or just upgrade those what’s is left - taverns and maybe farms.


So from my point of view, what I do now, I totally don’t care about taverns - as there are plenty of things I have to upgrade in my defense. Have 9 workers and all of them are upgrading towers, I don’t even think about putting at least one to upgrade taverns, it’s not important to me now.  Is gold from the taverns useful and helpful ? Hard to say as well, I don’t rely on it myself, if I need gold I make raids, or sell items. Gold my taverns produce is not even enough to make a donation. And as I think it has been mentioned above, even if your taverns are max and produce a lot of gold, you can’t really rely on it as the gold will be lower because your attackers will take some of it.