Is there any update coming soon!

Hey Flare! @CaptainMorgan @oisia

It has been a while since last update! 
Few hours and we gonna start the NEW YEAR! 2018
I hope to see great update soon.

Happy New Year guys.

     Soon (even if you didn’t spend a lot gems in leveling up) our defense towers will run out of upgrades, excluding spells of course, Artemis I am sure for all old players is maxed by now, spells and all… so we are at that time where we need to sink our teeth in some new content, and sure hope you guys make us pleasant surprises to start up this new year.

_ As you know by now we dedicated players will stand by you and help with the balances and bug fixes but for that to happen we need you to hit us with some good stuff. _

_ Happy new year dev/Flair team _

_ Happy new year my loyal Spartans _

_ Happy new year my dear enemy’s  _

_  Happy new year my virtual family _

I don’t know if something really bad happen to Flare in November. Since no update,no word,nothing… blackout total. Can be good if someone can speak. @CaptainMorgan you are connected but don’t speak anymore? why? You come but nothing more. Flare don’t allow you anymore to speak? like they did with Alysea when she was too much active and Flare Fire her. Since its total silence on RR2 forum and died. Hope Flare don’t make the same mistake again here on Olympus Rising forum

@CaptainMorgan Do you work on update 3.9.0? Can we know when this update come? or its the end of the game and no more update? can we have more info of what going on here? Why Flare censor you and don’t allow you anymore to speak? What happen?

Since November 22th we have no info. Someone have to speak and fast please

Ops! Your mind goes too far!
I wish this not the reason! and never happen in future.
Olympus Rising become part of our lives…

@CaptainMorgan He’s the best! always here for help and support and friendly with everyone.

lets be positive and waiting for new update soon. 


@Samir its not a question my mind goes too far, if you don’t have follow what happen. Go in topic in general I have create call Where is CaptainMorgan and click on the link and read what happen. Something happen since November 16th with a strange announce make by Flare but no one was able to answer about what. What concern the announce because that was make in their language in Germany. there is some speculation on this forum about Flare is in trouble and probably close to be bankrupt but no one from Flare want to answer. Some person like me and others try to find the answer of what happen. Maybe not related why CaptainMorgan have stop answer or all the forum section become died and silence but I try to find the answer. that why I ask in many topic If someone have heard something about this announce

Like many others I have a Youtube channel so the future of this company will affect my Youtube channel if all game dies. So I want to know what happen for the next month or year. What Flare planning for future if there is a future for them. So its important to know this kind of information in advance. If you understand

That’s referring to a separate company from Flaregames and the proceedings are a common occurrence because of the way German laws are structured. People have been busy and then on holiday. You really don’t have to dig into it much deeper than that. 

we will see later then but if there is no answer or activity same in February or later. that will become strange