Is there any way to get a pack with worker, if i allready have 9 workers?

It cost 6000 gems for one more worker!!!

I have 8 workers and yesterday I got a pack for +1 worker, 12 Million of Gold and 7 days of shield for 90something % discount, that effectively would cost me 500 Gems. I didn’t take it since I think that 8 workers are enough for the moment. I was just low on Gems, around 5-10 when this offer came.

Do you have to build an empire with  9 workers ?  :wink:

9 workers are great … until you run out of things to build then they just spend all their time in the taverns, which I guess is good for business. To be honest if you are in no immediate rush I think 6 will be plenty once you have maxed a few towers and barricades. If you get an offer for a pack for low gems take it, but full price they are not worth the gems

Pretty much. Lol I can’t seem to trigger starter pack. Stuck with 8 workers, its manageable I have half of my stuff maxed.