Is there anyone really using the Gems to speed up waiting times?

I know that a few top players do it, but it’s just the small small minority.Most of the players will not ever consider this option… 

Every pay to win game has this. Literally 5% of the users are responsible for 95% of the devs’ income. Games like this fail unless you give people who can afford thousands of dollars in premium currency a way to spend it quickly (so they buy more).

TLDR; you are not the target audience for this feature, move along. :slight_smile:

ive used it a few time normally for a troop upgrade or for a spell to increase my raiding potential tho normally i only do it towards the end of the wait so the cost isnt super high

One of my friends cannot even wait for 30 seconds for a barricade to be made and uses up a gem to “speed things up”.

 if it’s just for a minute and we are talking about 1-2 gems then it won’t be much of a problem… but try doing that when you have an update that take 5-6 days to complete

.I think that gems should have been made more easily available

I just used a pearl scroll accidentally… Since you gain 1 for using 10 gems, 200 gems wasted Q_Q

@DNZ, are you a fan of Bleach?


That’s why I stay away from pearl scrolls, can’t afford to lose that things, Actually I would prefer if I didn’t even have any scroll showing to my gameplay screen

armageddon rocks.


it does but at 22 pearls x 7 = 154 Gems cost. TOOOOOOOOO much :slight_smile:

i was talking about the film.  :grinning:

I have used them to speed up upgrades when I was a small king but now I hold on to them more often because it seem, right after you spend some you get a great deal that you cant afford. gota be patient to spend them

I use them only to buy gold shield.

Never done it. Ridiculously expensive. Only use them for gold shield and granny items.

I did it today, spent 24 Gems to complete a Tower because I wanted to go to bed more than an hour ago but didn’t. Hahahaha!

Fast time but the limit time become 4 minutes hahaha, prefer armageddon dont exist its to much cost better buy better lagendary equipment

mostly I used them for gold shield. upgrade cost currently too high for my king.


Me too. Those are the main reasons for using Gems ATM and occasionally buying some packages(even though the builder’s package has been harassing me for a month and won’t go away!! :angry: