Is there anyone really using the Gems to speed up waiting times?

Never done it. Ridiculously expensive. Only use them for gold shield and granny items.

I did it today, spent 24 Gems to complete a Tower because I wanted to go to bed more than an hour ago but didn’t. Hahahaha!

Fast time but the limit time become 4 minutes hahaha, prefer armageddon dont exist its to much cost better buy better lagendary equipment

mostly I used them for gold shield. upgrade cost currently too high for my king.


Me too. Those are the main reasons for using Gems ATM and occasionally buying some packages(even though the builder’s package has been harassing me for a month and won’t go away!! :angry:

In the early stages of the game at lower levels it’s good to spend some gems on occasion to quickly end the waiting time and upgrade other necessities as soon as possible, However, as you level up higher in the leader boards it’s really a foolish thing to do because the waiting times are insanely long and cost a fortune and we all know gems are hard to get in this game with out hours of effort in downloading ridiculously large apps for less than 10 gems or spending actual money.


I never used the tapjoy promotions, I also don’t see that the rewards are good enough. too little Gems