Is there to unsocket scrolls?

For when I’m on a run I know I won’t need on and not risk the chance of using one by accident?


I’ve seen players utilizing only 2 units or spells.

They were well into their 100’s and doubt they got there that way.

you cannot un-equip scrolls, spells or units such that none are selected.

That was one of the advices I gave to my youngest when she started playing, don’t assign a scroll there! What you don’t assign, you also can’t accidentally use.

Sadly no new players know this trick and add 2 scrolls after the tutorial. When you do the tutorial you must only equip the left one. So the scrolls appear on the right. No chance to hit it. However if you equip both you are screwed totally and can missclick it. Very sad no unscroll feature like OR

For 2 units or 2 spells only its because the players don’t have unlock the 3rd spells or 3rd units slot.

Anyway the version 3.0.0 with pal have scrap the unbalance of the game. So now just with 2 spells and no units you can destroy all base. If you have forged of course your spells at +15 or more. So the 3rd unit and 3rd spell is unnecessary until you reach level 80 and again I am not sure maybe more at level 85

the unbalance is horrible. I can destroy totally full boosted base alone just with tammy and 5 Pyro Ninja. I have destroy one time a base with Stunning Ogre,boosted werewolf,Pro boost Firebolt with a Beast and others boost just alone with medium stuffs. So if you have bad ass stuffs its more than super easy

so 3rd units and 3rd spells are just a little extra for level 1-85 but are not necessary if you use a healing pal

Would not worry about accidental usage. Can tell you that I will use only spell(s) sometimes running through bases for the fun of it.