Is this a good granny deal? Picture inc

It will probably be gone by the time I get a reply but is that the kind of boost that is really good or do the gold %'s get bigger?

I can’t say, I never raid with gold gear… but the gold gear I do have from 20 levels ago is about that percentage, so I would assume they get bigger.

I use them on open bases with alot of loot after war

I like gold boost i have something like 75% gold boost only of hero equipment + the alliance gold boost i reach over 118% gold boost (according if i wear the boots with gold or not so +/- 100%) and i have 9700 leadership wearing gold boost. So yes i would buy it if i was you. I’m level 93 almost 94.

It’s also true that at my current status with all gold things i find sometimes difficulties but not always. Let’s say that for me i have 25% of fails due to gold items  :wink:

However everything will be replaced one by one cause of you’ll level up the hero so you’ll find better items and is better level up the hero for this reason!

I have hold boost in boots, belt, helmet and cape but no where near 100%