Is this a joke??? Blacksmith

I just spent 2000 pearls, and 600 gems to get 2 times farmer boost on my cape, 2 time xp boost on my cape again!!!

Mortar attack on my hand :slightly_frowning_face:

And life drain on my sword…


Worst update ever!!!

To be fare, i start to hate u flare.

I hope they wore a condom. Because you sir, got royally f**ked :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we all got fucked…

Flare won the fight, but they will loose the battle.

i wasted 250 pearls just to upgrade my skull boost to 0.1% more   :slightly_frowning_face:

so the update is hateful money grab from flare.

Blacksmith is a pure scam to rip all of us suckers off our cash.

Better to wait for the useless granny to offer fair items once a month, than investing in this scam.

I stay with my +%gold gear.


Has anyone expected anything different from flares? Come on Spartecus, you should know better than that…

Let’s try to guess who is the Flare’s thinker, who thinks that things. I was wondering if would be Maerique, but it would be worse. Any guess?

No idea, but I’ll be glad to reveal him…

It’s not pleasant to post against all the flares staff, just because of one rotten apple. But it’s so rotten…

That’s an understatement. They’re not even attempting to hide their contempt for their customers anymore. There have been subtle gold/gem sinks in the past, but this is so over the top in-your-face that it’s almost a joke in bad taste. It only takes blowing a couple hundred pearls before you realize you’re being bent over hard with no lube. I feel bad for the people who kept going, thinking it would somehow start hurting less.

And 10K gems to unlock a single meltdown slot? I.e. $50 for a single (and completely unnecessary) “upgrade”? I can almost buy a brand new AAA game for my Xbox for that much. Can I have some of whatever they’re smoking?

I guess they’ve made all the money off this game that they intended to, and are happy milking a few extra dollars out of the handful of remaining diehards/suckers in the crowd. That, or there are still mountains of gems left over from all the ploughing that they were never able to drain out of circulation (and nobody ever knew the truth about how bad the problem really was)…

Yep Spacedog, you have described it best…

Suckers never die, they are only replaced by new ones.