Is this a Joke?

Hello FlareGames,

I’m very happy with your recent hard work. You have made this game so much fun that I can never get over with this.

But I want a clarification on this two images.

If I go for the top players you give me less tropies which is pretty justified. What I don’t understand is that if I go for lower level players why you give me record breaking tropies.

Are you in love with me?

You might misunderstood this screenshot from different player but believe me it’s the same player that is offered with two different opponent.



Can I expect any kind of reply on this?

If not I can understand.


Sorry for the inconvenience… :grinning:

one is match maker based and the second is a direct selection.  Depending on your win / loss ratio in recent battles, i.e. have you dropped a lot trophies recently, you’ll get large trophy pulls from MM.  Particularly if that user has won a lot of defensive fights recently.  The other reason is to help cut down on stripping from the top by players who only get 10-25% and still take trophies, this limits them.

The first image is my regular practise ground but the second one is one big joke. If this happening then I’ll not aim the top players. It better to go for lower level players.

Still want a clarification from the team except the admin of this forum.

Sure, that’s fine, 54 is a tad high.  I think the most I’ve been able to get is around 48.  But, that is how MM vs direct select works.  Good luck getting any of the devs or Alysea to answer that though, most of the calculations have been reverse engineered or through trail and error.  To my knowledge, nothing math wise has ever been officially provided by FG.

I never count on this two for reply. Either of them is meaningless for me. There are some others which I call “the team” who have all the answer. By this I’m not them.