Is this a Peace Offering?

The back story:  I am in aggressive expansion of my defense, which I entirely neglected the first 9 months of my game play.  I will often need to do upgrades that cost in the range of 9-15 million gold, so sometimes I am carrying large amounts of gold, unprotected, overnight.

Some dude noticed this, added me to his Favorites List, and made me his piggy bank for easy cash.  Which is totally fair.

Well, turnabout is also totally fair, so I added him to my Favorites List, and started to attack him many times per day.  It was clear this opponent wanted to get over 3,000 Trophies to get to the next level in Ninja competition, so I made sure he was always just-below that level.  He denied me money, so I denied him the opportunity for better money and a lot more pearls, and hurt his alliance in the process.

I think this is a peace offering.  Am I correct in thinking so?

I think what he is saying is: “Okay, lesson learned.  He are 3, free-wins.  Let’s call-off this feud.”



Yep, I think that’s exactly what it is.

Thank you for the confirmation.  The gentleman just did it again, about 2 minutes ago (this is a new graphic attached).  I have already removed him from my Favorites List.

Anyway… If Queen Show Me is reading … We’re all good.   

Very sad :slightly_frowning_face: that means later she will not giving you gems in defense when she will become more stronger and you defense become more insane. Sad I hate people who stop raiding. You improve your defense and make them waste their gems :slight_smile:

I will do the same thing if the person was also collateral damage in alliance. Try to give back trophies to get them back to where they were and to let them know it was not them that I had problem with. That is why a better form off communication is needed in game. 

Funny the most gems that I got from a raid was 80+ which was insane on the amount of scrolls and resurrections they used. I do not use gems in raids if lose.

@BoatieMcBoatFace how much gold did you really loose? Maybe it is a way to drop medals and to increase your medals for the next wave of attacks. People loosing with 0% progress is for me a bigger insult than to be attack daily continually and to loose some gold. Maybe it is just another way to say - your defense is not worth the effort. 

For me it is to give back to that person that had their trophies stripped down into the 500 and below range from a jerk in their alliance. Game needs better communication period until then this is easiest way for people to show respect or give back. 

Very strange normally players who do 0% its because they have quit at the tent to lose the maximum trophy at -50 or -60 for Ninja Event. You see this more for level 100+. In this case its weird because she is a new players probably a low level player so its strange to fail at 2%. Maybe she don’t invest time in upgrading spells,troops and forge spells,troops,etc…

Today I have face full boosted base alone without troops like her and with tammy or the pal-a-din its really easy. So do a 2% I don’t understand why

It’s possible, but he might just be droping trophies to keep himself low.

It’s also possible that there is a bug and his game crashes every time shortly after starting a raid, at the same spot.

i guess we will never know what happen really so…only this player know. End of discussion lol

@Warriornator, I agree with you. You have said the last word. Lets move on.

Definitely, the last word.  Now let’s close this one up.