Is this an acceptable tactic?

So I’m really trying to get my guild into the top 200. We’re at rank 210 right now, so I’ve started trophy stripping players from the 10 guilds above us. Is this frowned upon? x)

it is. as long as the game allow you to do, you can do whatever you want.

If you merely “attack players that are at a similar or slightly higher tropy lvl than you, and beat their bases”, for getting trophies from then, then I’d say there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, if you rather “attack players that are way higher in trophies than you, and you only get like 33% or 50% on your raids on them, but still get (due to huge trophy lvl difference) trophies from them”, then we’re speaking about trophy stripping in the narrower sense, which might be seen as unsportsmanlike behaviour… 


However, with trophy stripping (sadly) being a major part of especially top lvl gameplay, and with flaregames not preventing it so far, I’d say it is allowed, so nobody can prevent you from doing it. 

Anyway, trying to unlock a few additional member slots might be more valuable for you, as it doesn’t only increase your leaderboard rank, but also your potential for warfare and your donation amount. :grinning:

Pretty much anything in game is allowed, if you start using outside game programs that are not allowed and can get you banned. Things like auto clickers and such.