Is this beta?

I have only been playing OR 2-3 weeks. Keeping track for the last 5 days EVERY SINGLE person to enter my zone is 4-10 levels higher than me. How is that even possible unless it is by design? Who in their right mind wants to play a conflict based game when they are outgunned in every battle? 

  As long as I am posting how do you get any kind of battle game out of beta without someone in the room uttering the words “hey…maybe we need to have a battle log/record so players know who/what level is attacking them” and someone else saying " uhh yeah that is a no-brainer let’s do that!"

  The “mailbox” is really just a notification box since we can’t send messages to each other.

  You want lots of people to play your game but you provide no way for them to communicate like a global chat channel. 

  Ambrosia and development costs are ridiculous. The game prices itself out of reach for the average player. The 4 dollar monthly pack is goofy when you obviously have to spend hundreds to get anywhere in a reasonable time. Make a monthly pack in the 20 dollar range and make it worthwhile.

  I like a lot of things about your game. I am paying to play  your game and would like to see it develop and improve. I would respectfully suggest that your developers start playing the game and ask themselves “What can we do to make people want to play our game?”

 Right now the game feels very much like a game still in beta and I don’t want to keep paying to test your game.

You make some really good points. I’ve actually been thinking about a premium package for this game and what it could entail, or how much it would be.

Maybe pay $15 a month for Olympian blessing:

Free ambrosia travel.

All wait times reduced 40%.

Dominion boost 33%.

Higher chance of gems on Hephaestus rolls.

Bonus dominion on three key victories.

Chests do not expire.

Two godlike gem chests daily.

Two item pack sales appear each day (this one would probably rake in money for FG, but might break the game in the long run, so I don’t know…)


Maybe I’m “shooting myself in the foot,” though, because several of these should be a normal part of the game in my opinion. However, I believe some of the decisions made by some people within FG are heavily — perhaps myopically — financially motivated, as opposed to playerbase motivated, so passing these bills of comfort will probably require a little pork.

Ive got a little pork?:slight_smile:

Hello there :slight_smile:

First thing, the matchmaking has been improved! Today we had an update which makes the player trophy count having a bigger influence in the matchmaking, allowing higher Ascension Level players to have lower Ascension Level players with a lot of Trophies appear on their islands.

Regarding the Ascension level issue Sparxxn mentioned, with the new system, if a player appears on your island and seems to be very high level, it is because this player has very few trophies. Usually, this will mean that the player has a weak defense for his/her level. :grinning:

Also, the game is still in development and some new features will arrive, so stay tuned as it may change! 

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

It’s running pretty smooth now after the latest patch today. Even the matchmaking is working as expected for me now.

Thanks a lot Flare.  :slight_smile:

I am lvl 34, 1750 trophies and my island is conquered by a 43 lvl, 2200+ trophies :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m level 45 2050 trophies and I have to conquest: 60 lev 1980 trophies with guid buffs

I lost about 500 trophies after weekends update, now you nerf gold revard for 2000 trophies rank to 35k from 50k really nice job! I’m going to leave soon it’s seems…


I am lvl 50 ~ 2500 trophies and i cant defeat the opponents the system offers me. Lvl 57 with 4-7 blessings, no chance with my green dressed lvl 12-14 heroes without any buffs for myself.

The enemys i got since the new fix are lvl 59 , 4 blessings … GAME OVER

Hey there, 

Did you already try to attack them and see how it goes? 

Today’s update allows you to fight opponents closer to your strength than before. 

I try to attak lev 57 1300 trophies with Persey 14 lev I used Scila prayer and loose 


This can also mean the player was exploited and is sitting at a lower trophy count then you because he got farmed. I see players much lower than me in trophies but impenetrable to attack at my level as they are 10 Ascension levels ahead and have almost everything blessed. In this sort of case we are stuck…completely stuck. I have 6 of them right now. I can’t beat any of them using my gems for invocations. If I could post video of the evidence I would. Not to mention coincidentally they are all on my best two islands 6 of 8 spots.

I will love this! I prefer a monthly fee over a dime here and a dime there.