Is This Guy Hacking/Cheating?

So, I Saw A Player Joined Our Alliance And Checked Its Profile. His Level Is 3, Have 1.3k Trophies, Towers. I Really Dont Know But Is This Guy Really Hacking/Cheating? He Also Has Alliance Tower Level 13.

Screenshots Below:

His Defence

No really. Some other players dumped trophies on him

I Think I’ve Been Mistaken, Some Gens Told Me That This Is The Alternate Account Of Someone From A High Tier Russian Alliance. I Really Am An Overthinker. Geez

If he’s not a cheater, he must have spent so much just to get everything maxed out just at lvl 3…

Yeah, Im Confused LoL

There’s few more Антирыцарь’s:

Coincidence isn’t it? :rofl::rofl:

Hey, What The Hell? :joy:
Maybe He Is Actually Hacking?

Similar defences, high donation at low level, “similar” nicknames with combination of cyrillic and latin letters… it’s just definitely different players :sweat_smile:

How is it possible to have the same name as IGN?.. it definitely is cracking/cheater… not to put dirt on his reputation, but if he had to buy with real cash, no matter how rich he was, nobody would do such thing… It’s certainly done with an easy method than money… clearly cheat…

If I had to guess, These accounts have been made for conquest purpose only, to tie up stronger players from moving and at the same time, for alliance donations…

That’s how it possibe :point_up:

Seriously… What The Hell Is He? :thinking::confused:

Looks like your typical multiacc. : Low lvl w/ high donation in a alliance to bring gold supplies.
I could even guess that the CQ building are nearly maxed.

Now I Get It… :thinking::confused:

in my oppion this is a exploit :rr2mummy:

… to create a player level them up in serrval things and not playing them like a normal player

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Definitely Cheating!!

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should be stopped in my opinion…but that’s just me