Is this math correct?

So the Vungle boosts are disabled for Windows OS.  That means my 4, maxed farms, will generate 4 x 115 = 460 food/hour

I have 3 alliance battles today, 220 food each, 6 fights each:  3 x 220 x 6 =  3,960 food needed today for alliance wars.


3,960 / 460 = 8.6 hours of food generation, just for the alliance wars.

Forget about the Festival - will not be able to participate.  

You better collect your food at least every 3 hours, or else the farm storage will be maxed, and you will go beyond 8.6 hours of needed farming time.

(That’s the least of the issues, because that’s pretty easy).  

Pro League - sure!!! I’m ready to give FlareGames more money today.  

I’m switching over to Command and Conquer today.  Just downloaded it for free.  It’s a blast.  I encourage you to do the same if you’re on Windows OS.  



Maybe put on some farm gear perks along with skull gear unless you’re on the top map ?

You aren’t counting all of the food you start with from your silo and the full farms, correct? Anyway, I know that’s not your point.