Is this still worth it?

I woke up today to -71 trophies. That’s not the biggest deal by itself, but at three trophies per win there is no way I could recoup my losses in one day. I don’t see how it is sustainable to lose more trophies in a day than you can win. I am pretty active in this game most days but after losing that bunch I decided to wait and see what my board looked like at the end of today without attacking any hostile islands. Now I have quite a few hostile islands (none of which are worth more than three trophies) and if I cleared them all, it still puts me at -32 for the day (original -71 + -12 from addition losses throughout the day). Something needs to be done about this. We shouldn’t be able to slack off if we are highly ranked, but it needs to be possible to maintain the position that we work up to. 

I suggest preventing “farming,” where you make it to a high value trophy players gate, hit it once and die or retreat, allowing you to gain 2/3 of the trophies haul while the person attacked loses 3x that much. *not sure about the exact numbers there, but you get my point. Additionally/alternatively, offer higher trophy gain to loss ratios to balance this out. 

At the minimum, please do something about the farming. I’m top 100 and have never done this. It’s unsporting and kind of weak. 





agree, stop rewarding trophies to losers. One solution could solve this is that if someone at lower trophies attacks higher trophy players, if they aren’t able to destroy the gate, don’t give them trophies and don’t take away their trophies, that would still encourage lower trophy players to attack higher trophy players.

The “farming” thing is a glitch and must be fixed. ok.

For the rest, could you explain why you would care about trophies so much?

I assume gold isn’t an issue at your level, is it? I am lower level than you but I already constantly have much more gold than I can spend.


Stop caring about trophies, just upgrade everything you can, and wait for the devs to bring this game a purpose :grinning:


There was an issue in matchmaking which led to lower Ascension Level players being matched onto far fewer islands than high Ascension Level players.

This has now been fixed, so that all players are matched more fairly. If you are one of the affected players this can mean that you will either be attacked more or less often than before.

I hope this answers your concerns.


Do you consider ascension players 70-80 to be lower level? What a bad joke…

Awesome Doud, 

I do want the trophies because I like climbing the ranks. At this point, that is where this game has meaning for me. I want to be ranked as high as possible just to do it. Plus, it brings my alliance rank up. My understanding is that we move up or down based solely on the accumulation of trophies. Both individually and collectively (in alliance). That said, maybe it’s time to rethink. Currently though, the trophies are what it’s about. I mean, I use auto play, so I’m hardly even playing. 


I don’t feel this actually adresses my issue, unless I become a low value target for those that see my islands. I actually don’t have a problem with lower levels attacking me, I’m open to get attacked by anyone. My issue really is that I don’t want to be farmed. I think the disparity between levels results in the occasional 25 trophy haul, which is a great surprise! I don’t even mind being that 25 trophy prize, assuming it’s not going to be the same dude getting to my gate and dying or retreating repeatedly, thus depleting my trophy stock. 



Like i said - no place for small shit in the top rank, if your defence is poor, and if you cant beat nr. 1 in the top, then you dont must be in top 100. Just drop down your trophies and no one dont gona atack you…

I’m not here to complain about difficulty… My defense is fine, I’m in the top 100 consistently and I’ve blocked off everybody I’ve tried to. I just think the farming is bs. It’s a stupid glitch that allows weaker players to amass trophies and penalizes higher rank players that earn their way. Of course, if you gain your rank by farming other players and you get farmed yourself, I have no sympathy for you. 

In a word, no. Deleting.

In the 30 something minutes I spent on the forum, I lost over 40 trophies and only 30 to recoup atm.  

Am I missing something?  Aside from the missing 10 plus points am I aloof to something?