Is this the beginning of the end?

Some of you may or may not be aware that Olympus Rising is failing. Either by gross incompetents or on purpose. As a result the players in the top alliances are calling for a boycott of all purchases until all matters are resolved. And Flare Games explains why we should make any more purchases in a live Q and A in Discord

We need everyones support!

STOP paying for Blessings and War Blessings that don’t work! Save your gold for when and if these problems are resolved.

3rd Hero “bug” is now 5 weeks old! If none of us active prestige maybe they’ll get around to fixing this!

And I would advise anyone who is using gems to upgrade defense to stop. As I am lvl 109 with maxed defense I can tell you I have lost about 1500 trophies this week. And don’t want to see anyone else waste thier money like I have!

Flare you’ve gone too far this time. 

Hi Wayward,

Regarding the War blessings, I believe the issue occurred only once. Also the last news I had were that the players from each affected Alliance are in touch with the support. Is it still the case?

For the 3rd hero bug, there is no excuse it needs to be fixed. We are going through it and hope to fix it as soon as possible. Any additional information is welcome.

As follow-up regarding the recent trophy issue, on Friday we had a live server update which slightly modified the matchmaking. We reverted this change as it led to a higher loss of trophies over the weekend, everything should be back to normal by now.

If there is anything else you would like to talk about in particular, don’t hesitate. :slight_smile:



Its the end of the world as we know it…

The games not fixed. Whoevers telling you otherwise is lying. We pay you to create and maintain a game thats fun. It’s for our pleasure. We are not here to help you figure out why your game doesn’t work. 

No more excuses you have cured my addiction to this once fun game. 

Flare games never again

Aly find a job that deserves someone like you. 

And Crabz you’ve no integrity please stay away from my comments 

i dont think u own forums… ill do as i please

Care to comment on your comment in my comments section then crabz?




I do not understand the meaning of the existing system of trophies. Who has more ascension, in fact, and more likely to be in the top. Active players is equal to zero. Only you pass a certain threshold, and immediately drops to 200-400 trophies during the day.

They said that fixed the problem of the third hero. In fact - it has remained.
They said that fixed the problem jamming units in Textor. In fact - the problem remained.

Dear developers. What help is needed on our part to solve the problem with a hero 3?

I have chat to share with you and your alliance that crabz deleted from Forums come see me on Discord or Band Ill share it with you. 


Why are moderators repeatedly deleting stuff relating to the issues being experiences by the players. What is it you guys don’t want people to know? We know the game is screwed. Is it that you don’t know how to fix it but still want people to plough money in to a broken game? Why just the over-moderation here rather than any kind of response?

The code you wrote for discort didnt work. I couldnt get to the conversation 

he posted up top here… nothing major… ww will belive anything


Ya, i saw it but i couldnt get To the conversation.

im probably doing something wrong.

there have Been alots of fuzz going on, just wanted some info but thats ok

thanks anyway


Dont trust Crabz Don’t trust Flare


Regarding the doubts some of you might have about the conversation between Crabz and Wayward:

No we do not plan on shutting down the game, we still have new content incoming and we will keep on supporting the game.

Additionally, we released a live server update to address some of the issues encountered:


Im the officer in vietglory and i just want some info of whats going on. So when you are having the next conversation about whats going on, ill jump in and check it out 

it was just a fake convo… ww trying to cause drama .  if u want real help join us on line app.  just send me a message on line app. my id is squills