Is this what this game is now to you ?

Login - 

Look around - 

Get Disconnected for no reason - 

Login - 

notice you have zero gold - 

raid about 5 battles -

Donate -

Buy some garbage from Granny to melt for pearls because you no longer buy Uber chests knowing you will never see a skull perk item.

place garbage in Black smith -

click free video to boost Black smith -

Get Disconnected before Video starts -

Login - 

try video again - get boost.

Log out -

Rinse and Repeat. 

This is what this game is now for me, this is fun?


  1. Login
  2. Check alliance chat
  3. Maybe watch a video for free chest
  4. Open any chest that will expire soon
  5. Disconnect
  6. Repeat once a day

I’ve lost interest in the game and also I don’t have much time for it now.

  1. Login
  2. Searching for players
  3. Disconnect! (After a long, long search…)
  1. Login
  2. Disconnect…because of the crashes

If it’s really that bad, you should install Bluestacks. Never had a Crash in battle or before CoF,
and when i have a temporary internet disconnection during battle and leave the Client alone
for 2-3 minutes, it reconnects and i still get the CoF :slight_smile:

Was a reference for the Ninja Event  :lol: sadly lol

Log In  and open history, most players F****** your base, even though you maxed all defensive and perked like cazy. No point to keep on playing.

Flare will think so, since you keep doing it…


Mr. Bee, what are you talking about??


Flare does not “think”