Is this you, KK Star?

In 12:17 PM (my clock), I found you right under me in the leaderboard. I also saw that you are opening your base in the picture. If that was you, then my IGN is Ferdinand Foch  in the leaderboard. I’m so lucky that I met you there xD.

Yes it is me. I have opened my base to lose trophies.

Nice :))

But you hardly possess any  trophies… Hahaha…  :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I am happy dropping 600-700 trophies and then earn 60-70 gems in war.

ATTACK ME i have open base and i am way stronger and kk friend

If you want to lose trophies, you need to leave some decent loot unprotected.

If you want already to earn some gems on the way down, make an open, but tricky base. Come to visit G&M dot during the recess, I’ll show you one nice “open” base path. As a maetter of fact, I have it now…

i will come , but i have no loot because i am not playing the game a lot anymore

If you were saying this to me, the offense event was going on so I didn’t have much gold. Actually, cannons as a defense troop in low levels is under-estimated. I’ll see your base. Thanks :slight_smile: