Is thta what so called "Flare Cheat Detection System" does really works?

Happen during this war, someone w/ ogre standard combo could beat ma base scroll free, my heavy double boosted arblaster waves, w/ all waves near maxed out (only -6 morale left). And opponents seems doesn’t have problem my almost all maxed (only 4 mid level towers upgrading) w/ war boosts, they mostly do scroll free. A few hours later someone w/ higher level king use same ogre combo, lost after scrolling 3x, he stopped at 35%. I tried ogre combo, barely can make it scroll free, I stumble and fall at test defense. My friend also get some scroll free attacks, during war w/ these crazy war boosts, at his all maxed base. This situation raises a question: >Do your what so called cheat detection really works? >Is everyone on cheat engine nowadays? Let me join ur Cheater Club!!! I’m fed-up w/ Flare weak security system (duh! since first established) and this very expensive game and lousy customer service from deaf developer! Let’s cheat and kill each other scroll free! For f-king super player’s fame and glory! :angry:

What is your IGN ? Me and my friend want to test it .

Test what?

The base . To see is it that good, what else ? @@

Some people are more skilled in raiding, in our alliance there are lower level kings that can raid maxed bases

I wouldn t jump to conclusions and speak about cheating just 'cause someone takes your base scroll free…

The OP is a very skilled raider himself, he doesn’t say its impossible but feels it is unlikely, I have seen a number of dodgy attacks myself of late, but give benefit of the doubt. Historically we have seen top bases taken down by super pyros (hacked) and nothing else, there was a glut of cheating at one point, so it is a fair question to ask.



i said him that earlier he never listen :wink:

what is the ign of the raider?

All these can be easily spotted if there’s replay functions >_>

That would be so cool!!


Let’s just Dream …and dream on about it…until Flares wake up!!!