Is Toxic Cloud a Touch and Go Spell?

Is Toxic Cloud a Touch and Go Spell?

What does that mean?  

Once a troop is damaged by a touch and go spell the effects stay active, and contines to damage that troop for the durration of the spell even if the King leaves and is no longer in range with the spell.  Some examples of touch and go spells are Firestorm and Sonic Blast.

We have two kind of spells. Instant and lasting spells. Lasting spells are known as touch and go (I don’t know if we can call pal flute a touch and go spell, pal turns into beast for a certain amount of time and doesn’t affect defensive troops plus buildings. This can be the third category).

Spells like hammerstrike, stun, swordrain, blizzard, shield and black magic are instant spells. So they hit everything in range with full power as soon as the spell is activated. Hero moving on after the spell is activated won’t affect anything else that isn’t hit, since the spell is inactive after it has been used. 

Lasting spells however work for a certain period of time. They can be called touch and go spells. Most easy example is sonic blast, you touch a snake tower and go away, the tower will be losing health as long as the sonic blast still lasts. With lasting spells it’s important to have a great range, since once some defensive troop or structure has been within range, it will be affected as long as the spell still lasts. So that’s the reason why activating a firestorm will do great damage on anything that immediately after activation is in range and structures and troops that come within range when hero moves are less effected. Lasting spells require good timing.

Lasting is better known as touch and go effect. Same is for toxic cloud, you activate it and it lasts for a certain amount of time. Anything that has been in range as long as the spell lasts, will be affected during the rest of the period. 


Just to add a tiny bit more information. Touch and go spells can be countered by heal towers. When you “touch” a tower with a spell, and go away, the damage stops if a healing orb touches that aforesaid tower. Hence, at times, you have to exercise judgment by “touching and not go away” to have the full effect of the spell if you see a heal tower attempting to heal the tower you are trying to destroy.

You forgot bladestorm and heal.

I noticed this however it is not true for all spells. Definition of ‘Heal’ in Royal Revolt 2 is granting health and removing any lingering poison or fire effect, the DoT damage. So if I cast a FS on a tower and the heal orb heals it, then FS effect stops right there but this is not the case for Sonic Blast or Bladestorm as they deal instant raw damage.

That’s new to me. I’ve been using Firestorm all these while, only changed to BS recently after the buff. Didn’t notice there was a difference as to the effect against heal orbs. Thanks for the info.