Is Vikings that bad? I don't see any double boosted Vikings base

Can’t see who won the Conquest boost. My team didn’t get it, so I wanted to see it in defense but can’t seem to find anyone using it either. Where are the Vikings user? Oo


The majority hasn’t even received the boosts, that’s why you don’t see them

cheek darkwander base

VL didn’t win conquest?


I wish Flare makes some sort of emblem to show who won the recent Conquest, just like the gold/silver/bronze emblem for war

My alliance won it. 




wow 370!

That is for Viking level 3 in the ranking.

Didn’t even have the chance to test against it before the overpowered special war paladins boost got activated. Not sure whether it’s worth fighting for in the upcoming conquest.

Nice base you have there, looks like gotta learn how to fight against those conquest boosts now.

Try fritz pal.

Finally got your base. Was tough as hell =p

You use same combo but u did it?