Island Defense

Hello,  First of all, thanks for this great game. I have just some recommendation about the defense system.  There is clearly a lack of information about it, all the players don’t really know how it works, and I think it will be good to explain it to all the players by a message send to every players (or maybe a tuto?)  It would be good also to create an historic of all the defense will or loose . The system of defensing wave is pretty good, but I am quite sure everyone would like to know which kind of unity is better in defence :slight_smile:

Hello Morgensten!

There is a basic FAQ regarding the Defense for an Island, it will be improved over time :slight_smile:

Regarding the units, I can recommend you to read the stats of each of them, so you can see the strength/weakness of each unit or building!

I would love  too   have an history of activities on my defended islands  :slight_smile:

This is the only flaw of this addictive game !



PS : I have read the FAQ, please share the link at the end of the tutorial and IG too