Island hopping bug

Hey Everybody, 

Last night I noticed a bug while moving islands.

After conquering the Hydra islands, and having them retaken by opponents, Imwas bring Promethus over to help protect them.  I was checking the defenses of the first 2 islands when I noticed the error.  Going from the 3 islands (gold) next to Medusa islands it was going to cost 224 ambrosia, but if he attacked the second island from there it would only cost 121 ambrosia.

I have pictures but they are too large to upload.


Hello Slicer,

I am not sure I understood correctly.

It costs 224 Ambrosia if you attack a Medusa island, while your Hero is on another Islands’ group.

Does it cost 121 Ambrosia if you try to attack an Island while being on another Island group, or while being already on the Medusa islands’ group?