Island Opponents Turnover Rate

Hey so I want to add something here. It seems to me and it could just be me here…but the rate at which enemies are generating on my map have come to a stand still. I am on average getting 2-4 new enemies a day. Usually 2 at least are 5-10 Ascension levels ahead of me ZERO of them are at level or lower level. And 2 of those 4 new guys are buffed. I have anywhere from 6-8 buffed enemies on my islands at all times. Both Lvl 60 Ascension opponents I can’t even beat with invocations as they are buffed and miles ahead of me in strength and defense. So basically I am at a complete stand still in the game unless I buy resources with gems. Before Weekend patch I had no issues with the way enemies spawned and now it’s all the sudden impossible to not spend gems and even when I do it’s for…you guessed it 3 trophies. 

I propose that you shift the enemies on players islands to be an Ascension level 5 up and 5 below to reflect an even and balanced playing field. As I sit at 50 I should be seeing a high of 55 ( and I see a lot in his range it’s not some crazy high level) and a low of Ascension 45. 

I realize we have people that are 60+ and they are few and far between, so maybe you roll those players together until player base catches up but I honestly feel screwed here. I can’t see the point to playing if I am logging in to find something I can fight once a day and just collect my resources.

Another thing I want to note is I lost 100-120 trophies from one player this morning. He appeared on my map after kicking my hero off costing me 40 trophies and I took him out for 3. Literally 15 minutes later he retook the same island and took another 36 trophies, so I beat him off it again for a whopping 3 trophies. And I logged back on minutes ago to see he didn’t take the island back but I lost another 36 trophies which is either bad luck or he hit me a 3rd time. I am losing patience with the game but trying to stay positive. Please reconsider the system you have in place that determines what players generate on your map and at what rate.

EDIT: After  observing a day of the “fixes” it is clear that the goal is to try and catch up the high Ascension players after they took big losses. This is somewhat fair but for those of us that didn’t exploit, when a player with Ascension 10 Lvls above you hits you for 40 trophies because they are low 2k trophies and kicks you off an Island and all you get back if you beat him is 3 trophies  how does this help progress us? I have no reason to play right now. I lost 300 trophies on 8-10 lost defenses today and won 24 trophies on 8 attacks. I also confirmed after you fight back they can retake the same island you just booted them off so you really lose 80 trophies or in my case 160 because I wanted to test what I suspected. This is ridiculous. Just reset the game at this point…don’t pass go and don’t collect $200. There is NO point to attacking if you have more than 2600 trophies and are over Ascension 45…NONE your killing me Devs. I invested a lot in the game and your killing it for me and many others ?


Thanks Again for Listening (I hope?),


I would stop looking at ascension levels and start looking at rating and buffs. Ascension level doesn’t mean much at all at the moment. Is someone has many fewer trophies than you, you are better leaving them alone as you can pretty much only lose trophies.

So I haven’t seen someone with a higher trophy count then me for a few days. And I have dropped 250 Trophies since the beginning of the weekend. What your are suggesting is that I basically stop playing. So what’s the point of the game? Treat it like FarmVille and come collect my resources twice a day and log out?

I agree that the spawn rate is horrible, and the fact that every spawn results in -15 trophies (with the ability to only get 1 back; oh wait, now 3 back) makes no sense at all. The other result of the slow spawn rate is they end up all over the map and it costs hundreds of ambrosia to get to them, thousands if you’re trying to level one hero in particular.

Noticing the same thing there’s nothing much to do now, the spawn rate has slowed significantly. the ones that do come are buffed to the max. My defense is not that strong yet. I’m only lvl 43. I see lvl 50es on some islands but they have low trophys so winning gains me little but the island which I may not even care about ( low res) 

 all high res islands are occupied by unbeatable high lvl opponents and all low res islands are free on my map. The only thing that changes is those high res islands switch owners to another unbeatable opponent.

To me the game seemed to be working very well last week then it all went down hill.


I will reserve judgement on the new patch until I have played a little more, but first impressions have been dismaying to say the least. Too many of my islands have high Ascension, heavily buffed people with ironically low trophy counts: if I attack them to free the island I only gain a pitiful three trophies, if I underestimate them and lose, goodbye 15+ trophies. 

This is ridiculous. 

I haven’t actually thought this through, but perhaps there could be a time window wherein trophies lost on attack are banked and if one defeats that particular opponent within a given timeframe, he or she will win back all lost trophies and gain the three, or however many, in addition.