Island production is not as declared

Ive landed my hero on island claims production of 82,000 gold.

checking his production status of a second, appears to be ~9 gold per second.

but calculation per hour is 9*60*60=32,400

where gone the other 49,600?



Please note that the production displayed is not the production per hour.

The production is shown for a 8h timeframe.

Now i understand.

that is awkward, all game is about per hour, and island are 8 hours.

why 8? Just for the curiosity…  

Prob cause the defense fleet used to last that long:)


defence fleet is for 12 h…

Hey all,

The production shown is actually the max the island can produce. This will fill up after 8 hours.

If the cap was filled after 1 hour you’d have to log in every hour to take advantage of it.

Thanks for pointing out that the game time frame is not obvious enough, we’ll take some steps to make it more understandable.

You could maybe also display the production per hour?