Island productions decreased


Recenctly my island productions has decreased a lot,for example production of cyclops island that was 1100 wisdom became 800 strangely!!!

All my monster islands has decreased in production(Gold & Wisdom islands,Ambrosia didn’t change)

Is it for the new server update?!!!


Would you be comparing with a moment where you had activated a level of prestige?

No the general production has decreased!!!

exp :2300wisdom==>1600!!! Hydra islands?

Wisdom has dropped about 30% on all islands.   Not sure about the other resources.   Going to take forever to get enough wisdom to upgrade hero hall to level 10.  Why the change?

Ya its true at least say smthng …why did u change …otherwise make all upgrades coast also less so we meet the desired requirements …or it make game so boring and slow which. Loose intrest

This is true, Flare nerfed the resource production. They are becoming so deceitful and greedy. Did they really think we wouldn’t notice?


Yes, we changed the resource production of many islands with the recent server update. Mostly mid-game and end-game islands were affected by this change.

Why did we do it?

We noticed that many players (especially higher level ones) were often sitting on full resource storages while waiting for their upgrades to finish. We received feedback from you guys that this didn’t feel very good. We understand that having full resources but not being able to upgrade anything is not very motivating. Our statistics showed that many players did less battles than before because they saw no reason to raid islands. Getting Gold and Wisdom (among other rewards) was always meant to be one of the main reasons why people fight battles so that they could work towards being able to upgrade their Olympus. It should feel satisfying to upgrade things in the game and being able to afford one of the big and expensive upgrades like the Heroes’ Temple should feel like an achievement.

The further you progress in the game the more time is required for every upgrade. We are very happy with those times at the moment (especially after we had reduced many of them some time ago). We think that the time it takes to finish an upgrade must not discourage you from actually playing the game. You should use this time to gather resources which you can spend on the next upgrade when one of your workers becomes available again. We want you to have a reason to fight battles and we want you to get rewarded for every battle you win.

Please be assured that we are closely monitoring our data after every single change we make. We also read your feedback and we would be happy to know your thoughts on the recent reduction of resource production after some time has passed.

ok, but then please also take care that chests won in battle contain more goodies, or increase the chance to find the better chests. Now, usually you just open the crappy lower ones, so without using gems it’s a tedious business to thrive on battles for resources. In that respect, sorry to say that, but I consider the reduced resources of defended islands more ptw.

PS: Even with 4 keys I rarely get offered the very good chests (orange ones), can’t tell me that’s pure statistics !