Isn't Donkey the cutest thing ever?!

“Isn’t Donkey the cutest thing ever?!” Royal Revolt 2 Facebook page August 16 at 10:07 AM

a direct quote from a post made on RR2’s Facebook page. Yes he is cute.

So cute in fact that he deserves to become a PAL.

Meet “Ques” : RR2’s (unofficial) newest Pet PAL.

Ques as in ‘what?’ ques as in ‘ques for an event’ & “Ques” as in con-QUES-t

his talents and abilities I leave up to RR2’s devs.

This PAL should be made available to every player who participates in a Conquest Event.

*in the event that RR2 actually takes this suggestion and creates this Pet PAL, I would like one just for suggesting him.* :wink:




I also think the donkey are a good idea for a pal and I also want to get this pal from a conquest event. 


Maybe be that pal could be a pal which you can‘t upgrade with the pal food, because the level which this pal hast are calculted from the conquest tier. 


I‘m not sure of I have something written incorrect. 

First thought in my mind was the donkey would turn around and kick at the troops with an offensive action killing them.  Think it would be funny.  ?

Donkey Conquest Deluxe! lol, I like the German version Esel Eroberung Extrem! say that 5 times fast.

Well on now is Donkey Conquest Deluxe; still pumped up from Allianzkrieg (Alliance War) I thought Conquest was on now, when it is still 6d 16h away.  :slight_smile:  you can click on the banner to see all the perks you get during DCD, they are great for getting your Stronghold ready for the next Conquest; however there is still one thing missing. There has to be a Donkey Pet PAL! It could have abilities like putting attacking units to sleep, or causing a swarm of buzzing flies to disgust them (thus slowing them down) as they shoo the flies away with their swords.

so RR2 Dev’s, und Florian Content Director, please make a donkey Pet PAL.


Well well, he ended up being a Guardian, so I consider this idea implemented :grinning: