Issue with "boost castle" event

Kings & Queens,

We became aware of an issue with the “boost castle” event.?

The “boost castle” was never intended to offer discounts on the alliance or player stronghold buildings. Hence this was also not communicated in game and therefore, there is also a display bug giving you reduced gold prices on the alliances’ buildings when in reality still the full price is being deducted.


We will offer the following solution:


Everybody who has started an alliance-building upgrade during the current “boost castle” event, will get a refund for the difference of the gold cost being displayed and the actual gold amount being deducted. We will collect the alliances that need to be refunded, once the event is over - and refund the affected alliances afterwards. No further action on alliances side is required. We will communicate in the “official announcement” section on the forums, once this has happened.


For future “boost castle” events we will remove this possibility.


We apologize for the inconvenience.