issue with melting time

My blacksmith is not working properly all the time. I have all forging slots open. Typically I can melt 2k pearls (from a pro league item) in 2 to 3 hours. However yesterday and again right now, it’s been melting a 200 pearl items (purple item) in also 2 hours or so. After happening yesterday I let it go as it went back to normal. But this is happening again and I’m losing time and pearls for this event. 

Platform: using the latest version on Android. Playing with a Pixel 2 phone, android version 9.

in game name: Everline Queen


edit: in all cases mentioned above, the blacksmith is boosted with the purple aura. This is again happening today. Last night, melted a 2k pearl item in 2h30 or so. Right now,  melting a 1.7k pearl item in 5h10 (blacksmith is boosted).

Happening again today, this time I took a screen shot.

it’s telling me 42 min left to melt 80 pearls. My blacksmith has the ad boost and it will run out in 6+ hours. In this case (with the event and all), shouldn’t a pearl melts in 4.6s so 80 pearls should melt in approx 6 minutes?

Any idea what the problem is?

This seems to be a display bug, as the 7th item is the same as the one being melted, however you would be credited with the right amount of pearls as and when the cd ends, i.e. more than 80.

What does “cd” stands for?

I did read about a display problem although I thought it was only when both 1st items were displaying/showing the same item. It took approx 50 min to melt the 80 pearls, that’s the equivalent of melting qty 652 pearls. I don’t believe I’ve received 652 pearls when the 80 pearls melt finished although I wasn’t watching our for it (I’ll keep that in mind next time this happens).

cd = cooldown aka melting time.