Issues in Versions 5.3.2 and 5.3.3

Greetings Olympians,

We are aware that there are a couple of major issues still present in the version. The most prominent and damaging being:

  • That Artemis’ Thunder Charge and Ajax’s Charge Powers are not dealing damage correctly.
  • That battle history is not always being displayed.
  • That enemies are still not being rotated on islands.

We are aware that these are not the only issues.

We are looking into these issues and hope to get them fixed, but have a limited schedule before the holidays.

I will update you on our progress here, but if we do not manage to get them fixed in time, we will be providing compensation.

Apologies for the frustration which is obviously caused by these issues being in the version.

- Your Olympus Rising Team


Unfortunately, it seems vanishingly likely that we will fix this in time, particularly with the submission times for iOS and Windows.

We will continue working on the fix, and deploy it as soon as we are able, but it is not likely that this will happen before Christmas.

We will now start giving out compensation. Please note that it may take several hours to arrive.

Apologies again, for the frustrating situation this has caused.