ISTHMUS OF CORINTH - Formerly known as MH1104 

Fun joining an active alliance that manages work/life but has fun and is serious about the game! 


Stats - Dec 2017: 

Alliance Started 2016
Language:ENGLISH primary plus OTHERS
Alliance Rank Top 100 currently 84  -   54th is recent best
200k+ trophies 
Alliance Level 37
          - Includes Cyclops level 4
          - Targeting level 38 in 30 days for Barricade boost
13-11% Donation Bonus 
96-94% Gold Boost
69-60 Torches


  •    Ascension level 90+
  •    Trophies 4500+ 5K+ preferred
  •    Hall of Uranus - minimum level 8 (100k) within 30 days of joining, two weeks of gem mining is all it takes
  •    Donate Daily – the gold invested doesn’t hurt at any level
  •    Active in Chat - LINE preferred or game Chat. 
  •    Active in Wars
  •    Must advise if unable to participate in upcoming war 

Active leadership:

  •    Boosts
  •    War Ops
  •    Team requirement compliance
  •    On-boarding & training
  •    Review of game updates & defense, offense
  •    Onboarding and Training 


  •     Promotions based on activity, including General
  •     Veteran once meet Requirements
  •     Top players invited to leadership
  •     Team coverage for all time zones

Come get you some!  Install LINE, send a message to CoCoKola or take your chances and join directly.

- CoCoKola 

Two slots taken, three left