it is a deafening silence that of Flaregames

What’s Happening? I think that such a prolonged silence is not normal! It seems that we are abandoned…


We are abandoned on RR2 section since many years but here its strange. Since the strange announce make by Flare in end of November 2017. Nothing. Hope that gonna change soon…or Flare games will die all. Without any support on forum any games don’t survive longer. I don’t remember any game who have survive without a active forum. that will hurt Flare in long term the silence (if its not already too late of course)


Well I certainly hope this is not case.

The team is busy:


Hey @Tomaxo

Thanks for clarifying this for us.I am glad that Developers are are not ignoring this forum.


No wishes, no words, no new year’s greetings, no news, no results of the challenge (?)…

I’m really worried…?